15% Instant Savings on All PhoenixFire Designs Jewelry!

I know, I know. Everyone likes to make fun of stores for the dreaded “Christmas Creep.” Every year it seems holiday items start showing up in stores earlier and earlier.

But there’s a lot of good reason to start your holiday shopping early – especially handmade items such as PhoenixFire Designs makes.

  • First off, the holidays are hectic – You’re running around frantic, trying to remember everything that needs doing – all in a very tight, condensed timeframe.
  • Secondly, the holidays are expensive – All those MUST DO items, meals, gifts, obligations add up.
  • Third, the holidays are insanity for me too – I run out of supplies to make certain things; there’s only so many hours in the day, and the US Postal Service gets bogged down. All of which means if you wait too long, it’s very possible I will not be able to make what you want in time.

All the more reason to start planning now. And did I mention if you order now, you save 15% off?

PhoenixFire Designs helps you have a easy holiday season of gorgeous handmade gifts, hand crafted jewelry and unique gifts. Shop early for best prices and selection.

Shop early and avoid the holiday insanity. Plus, you get instant savings when you order now, spreading out your holiday expenses and ensuring gifts are off your checklist now and not in December.

Use coupon code JINGLE to take 15% off any PhoenixFire Designs order right now for our Christmas In August sale. You can rest assured knowing you got the best deal of the season, without having to worry about the rush and chaos of the holidays.

Hurry! This offer expires August 12th.

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