First Day of Spring

Happy Spring to all! Today is officially the first day of spring meaning Winter is over. Of course, here in sunny Florida, it’s been warm and Spring-like weather for awhile now. It’s been green and blooming already but it’s still a nice chance to celebrate the renewal of spring and the new growth and life that it brings.

First Day of Spring Look, boho style, flower crown, floral headdress rainbow pendant, handmade wire wrapped jewelry, eternity circle necklace by PhoenixFire Designs on etsy

Miss M. Turner (yours truly!) in a boho style celebrating the first day of spring complete with flower headdress, floral top and handmade wire wrapped rainbow spiral eternity pendant necklace in silver by PhoenixFire Designs and available on etsy.

The first day of spring is known as the Spring or Vernal Equinox. It means the day and night are exactly equal in length. Historically and in modern Pagan practices, the first day of Spring is also known as “Ostara” (or Ēostre) named for an ancient goddess of spring and the dawn. The modern holiday “Easter” comes from this origin word. Many common Easter practices like coloring of eggs and egg hunts along with symbols like the bunny rabbit come from this older celebration of fertility.

In celebration of this tradition, I’m wearing a spring look with a modern boho style. An airy floral blouse has been paired with a dried flower headband crown and I’ve accessorised with my handmade, wire wrapped spiral eternity circle pendant. With a rainbow of colors, it reminded me of the vibrancy of Spring and the riot of flowers and colors and new growing things you see this time of year.

Handmade wire wrapped rainbow spiral eternity circle pendant by PhoenixFire Designs on etsy.

Handmade wire wrapped rainbow spiral eternity circle pendant by PhoenixFire Designs on etsy. Celebrating chakras, LGBT and Pride.

The handmade, wire wrapped rainbow spiral eternity circle pendant is available in the PhoenixFire Designs shop on etsy. It makes a wonderful Chakra pendant and also a great LGBT or Pride symbol as well.

No matter how you celebrate, take a moment to enjoy the warm sun, the new green growth and the lengthening days that begin today on through to the longest day of the year, the first day of summer; the Summer solstice this coming June 21, 2015. Happy Spring!

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