From Our Sister Blog – Getting Started As A Vendor: Your Tent

Check out this new article from our sister blog, PhoenixFire Designs: The Blog in which I take a look at some of the basics in getting started being a vendor at craft shows. In this entry, I talk about the biggest part: your tent. I discuss my experience with tents, why I ultimately selected the one I use and get into the use of tent weights, anchoring your tent and ensuring your display is safe from wind and weather. I hope for this to be the first of many informative articles on the subject of being a vendor!

PhoenixFire Designs vendor booth

With the resurgence of interest in the “maker movement” and the push for more handmade, handcrafted, locally sourced products lately, people are embracing the idea of shop small and shop local and there are more craft fairs, art shows, indie markets, farmer’s markets and more going on regularly in most cities around the country. Setting up as a vendor at these kinds of events can be a great way to promote and sell your wares.

All that said, however, vending isn’t for everyone and one needs to be aware of the high up-front costs associated with getting a vendor booth ready for prime-time.

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