14k GF Chrome Diopside Tree of Life

Chrome Diopside (Russian Emerald) in the deepest, richest emerald green is featured in this stunning Tree of Life pendant wire wrapped 14k gold fill wire.


The Tree of Life is a concept that’s been featured in myth, story and legend literally all around the world. Since ancient times, people have used variations on the theme. Connecting all things – the realms of the spirit, the physical, the Divine and the mundane – the roots of the Tree and the branches touch all things and bring them together in harmony.

This pendant is handmade using painstaking wire-wrapping techniques. Hand hammered 14k gold fill wire frames and encircles the pendant, and is then used as the roots, trunk and branches of the tree.

Gold filled items are regulated by the government. (Unlike “gold plated” which has no regulation.) Gold filled wears, looks and lasts like solid gold because its outer surface IS solid gold. Everything you can see and touch is pure gold. In the jewelry industry the quantity of gold must be at least 1/20th by weight of the total product. Gold filled is much more valuable and tarnish resistant than plated. It does not flake off, rub off or turn colors. Anyone who can wear gold can wear gold filled without worries of any allergic reaction to the jewelry.

The micro-faceted Chrome Diopside rondelles of this pendant are just gorgeous! Very high quality gemstones with beautiful color and clarity. They make for a very majestic, very elegant pendant. The rondelles are a range of 2.5 – 4.5mm in size, tapering on the sides and getting larger as it moves towards the center of the tree.


Available for purchase here.

About the Gemstone

Chrome Diopside isn’t as well known as other gemstones and though it has an ugly name, it’s one of the most stunning gems you’ll ever find. The color is so rich, so deep and so intense it just doesn’t seem real. But, Chrome Diopside is an all natural untreated gemstone — no heat, no radiation, no diffusion and no oils are used. This makes Chrome Diopside the most pure semi-precious gem available.

Chrome Diopside is also called “Russian Emerald” or “Siberian Emerald” because of it’s rich, amazing green. Many people say Chrome Diopside is what Emerald wishes it could be when it grows up! The name Diopside is derived from the Greek word ‘di’ meaning two, and ‘opsis’, meaning vision. The “Chrome” part comes from the element Chromium which is what gives it the rich, green color. This is also what gives Emeralds their green color.

Chrome Diopside is believed to be a creative stone, increasing creative visualization and helping to manifest desired goals. Found only in remote Siberia, it can only be mined three months of the year making it a rare and valuable gemstone.

Chrome Diopside is also a wonderful alternative to the May birthstone of Emerald. I am a May baby and have taken advantage of Chrome Diopside’s beauty myself and own several pieces of it in lieu of more expensive Emerald. Emeralds are beautiful, but outside my budget and the quality and stunning intensity of color in Chrome Diopside makes it a wonderful substitute!

A lovely gift for someone who is born in May or who just loves the amazing color of Chrome Diopside. It is a gorgeous stone and makes for a striking piece when worn!

Available for purchase here.

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