Blue Labradorite Full Moon Tree of Life Pendant

Blue labradorite is a grey feldspar gemstone with an amazing blue flash as the light reflects and dances across it. I’ve used it to make a handmade wire wrapped tree of life pendant with a full moon made from labradorite coin bead.

Miss M. Turner of PhoenixFire Designs modeling blue labradorite full moon wire wrapped tree of life pendant. Grey feldspar with blue flash, each pendant is handmade for a unique and beautiful necklace. Pagan ritual jewelry, tree hugger, earth lover, wiccan, boho style.

I’m modeling it in a more boho style here. Pagan friendly, equally ready for wear at a Renaissance Festival or ren faire or even a walk in the woods or forest. It would also be beautiful in a more formal setting or even as ritual jewelry such as celebrating the turning of the year and honoring the moon, Luna or a goddess symbolic to the moon such as Hecate, Selene or Artemis.

Said to allow you to see through illusions, labradorite is a power stone. It’s said to help you visualize and achieve your goals and dreams. Named for the Larvik Fjords in Norway where it was first discovered in the 1880s, it is also called Larvikite.

The pendant I’m wearing is made from eco-friendly, recycled and reclaimed Argentium sterling silver wire. All Argentium wire is 100% nickel free, strongly tarnish resistant and made in the USA. A solid sterling silver Argentium wire wrapped tree of life pendant is much more earth and environmentally friendly since it does not need to be mined from the earth, but rather, makes use of existing silver that can be reused and given new life. With a bright white silver color, it’s closer to fine silver and exceeds the legal definition for sterling, coming in at 93.5% pure silver. (Traditional sterling is 92.5% silver and thus often marked as “925”)

This labradorite tree of life pendant is available as a made to order item in your choice of wire metals and colors in the PhoenixFire Designs etsy shop.

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