Handmade 14k gf opal tree of life pendant stunning October birthstone jewelry, handmade opal necklace, opal fire flash gold jewelry

14k gf opal tree of life. Opal is the stunning birthstone for October. Capture the amazing inner fire of this natural gemstone ready to ship in the #PhoenixFireDesigns #etsy shop! 🎁 ( www.PhoenixFireDesigns.etsy.com ) A photo posted by Miss M Turner (@phoenixfiredesigns) on Sep 27, 2016 at 12:03am PDT Opal …

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Purple Tanzanite jewelry faceted rondelle gemstones handmade wire wrapped 14k gf wire tree of life pendant. Artisan handcrafted necklace by PhoenixFire Designs.

14k gf Tanzanite Tree of Life Pendant

Found exclusively in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Tanzanite is a gorgeous, blue-violet gemstone. It is a relatively “new” stone having been discovered by Tiffany & Co. in 1967. In 2002, it was named a birthstone for December (which is traditionally Turquoise or Blue Zircon) by the American …

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Opalite rainbow moonstone full moon tree of life, two tone mixed metal steampunk style brown and copper wire wrapped jewelry, with copper wire owl bead charm in the bare wire branches of this handmade artisan maker tree of life pendant by PhoenixFire Designs on etsy.

Workbench: Owl Full Moon Tree of Life Pendant

This pendant is such a hoot! With two-tone, mixed metal brown and copper wire wrapped frame and tree and an opalite moonstone full moon with a wise little copper owl nestled in the bare branches, this tree of life pendant is whimsical and fun. Opalite Moonstone Full Moon Tree of …

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Opalite rainbow moonstone full moon tree of life pendant, tree of life necklace, wire wrapped tree of life, handmade wire tree pendant. Artisan handcrafted jewelry by PhoenixFire Designs on etsy.

Workbench: Opalite Moonstone Full Moon in Gunmetal Wire

Scene from a workbench, here’s the latest piece for a client! 🙂 This is my opalite moonstone full moon tree of life pendant wire wrapped in gunmetal (hematite) wire. Available in five wire colors, this is my number one most wished for and most popular style! This handcrafted, original artisan …

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Handmade wire wrapped tree of life pendant in gunmetal (hematite) wire with a grey feldspar full moon gemstone bead. Lunar jewelry, wire wrapped tree, wire tree jewelry, handmade wire wrapped necklace, tree of knowledge, tree of heaven, original design by artisan maker PhoenixFire Designs on etsy.

Workbench: Feldspar Full Moon Tree of Life in Gunmetal Wire

Take a peek behind the scenes of the PhoenixFire Designs studio and see what’s fresh off my workbench! This wire wrapped tree of life pendant features a gorgeous grey feldspar full moon gemstone wire wrapped in gunmetal (hematite) wire to form a gorgeous feldspar full moon tree of life pendant. …

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Handcrafted Birthstone Jewelry Tree of Life Pendant wire wrapped in silver wire featuring January's birthstone, Garnet as micro faceted rondelles. By PhoenixFire Designs on Etsy.

A Look at January’s Birthstone: Garnet

The birthstone for January is Garnet. Garnet isn’t actually a single stone, but the name for a group of related silicate minerals. It is considered a semi-precious gemstone. While most known for the deep, root beer reddish brown version, garnet actually comes in almost every color including greens, pinks, yellows, …

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Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts for Mom

When shopping for gifts for Mom, personal gifts with meaning are always best! This is why handcrafted items are perfect gift ideas for Mom! Mothers love to have family trees or pendants with birthstones; things that represent the bonds of family. New Moms or upcoming Mom-to-be will love having a …

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birhtstones gemstones by month birthstone chart by month what is my birthstone birthstones for month, birthstone tree of life pendants, family trees, family birthstone jewelry

All About Birthstones

Every month of the year has one (or more) gemstones assigned to it as it’s designated birthstone. For example, May’s birthstone is emerald. Each birthstone also has special meanings and properties associated with the gem. In this video, I detail all twelve months of birthstones, showing examples of the gemstones …

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Customer Service

I pride myself on customer service. Because I know every order is special to you. Even more so when it’s for a special event or occasion. Here’s what I made JUST this evening. THREE Family Trees and FOUR Bird Nest pendants. Why? Because I want to get them in the …

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