Best selling PhoenixFire Designs famous opalite moonstone full moon tree of life pendants handmade in black wire or gunmetal wire wrapped necklace.

Opalite Moonstone Full moon tree of life pendants in both black and gunmetal wire – perfect for not only #halloween and #autumn but all year long! Handmade from scratch in the #PhoenixFireDesigns #etsy shop 🍁 Celebrating 10 years on etsy! 🎂 ( ) A photo posted by Miss M …

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Grey Feldspar coin bead full moon tree of life pendant gunmetal wire wrapped pendant wire wrap tree necklace lunar jewelry by PhoenixFire Designs on etsy.

Feldspar Full Moon Tree in Gunmetal Wire

One of my favorite versions of my famous full moon tree of life pendants is the Grey Feldspar Full Moon Tree. Feldspar is a beautiful and unique stone with flecks of quartz within giving it an amazingly realistic lunar look! It just looks so much like the full moon. Tonight …

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Game of Thrones Inspired Dire Wolf Tree of Life Pendant

Inspired by the books and hit HBO series, this “Game of Thrones” tree of life features a dire wolf head clutching natural garnet gemstones wire wrapped in gunmetal. On 18″ chain. The Tree of Life is a concept that’s been featured in myth, story and legend literally all around the …

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